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June 11, 2020, España | Process Control, Plant Automation

Automation and Robotization: the pillars of Industry 4.0

June 01, 2020, Las Rozas, Madrid, Spain | Intelligent Traffic and Tunnel Systems, Urban Traffic, Smart Cities, Smart Mobility, Smart Safety, Security Systems, Safe Cities

A modern, intelligent video surveillance system makes Las Rozas one of the safest areas in Madrid

May 25, 2020, España | Smart Cities, Smart City Platform, Smart Mobility, Smart Efficiency, Smart Water, Smart Green, Smart Safety, Smart Citizen

AWS recognizes SICE as an APN Consulting Partner

May 18, 2020, Doha, Qatar | Intelligent Traffic and Tunnel Systems, Interurban Traffic

Doha will prepare its ITS installations for the 2022 World Cup

May 14, 2020, Bilbao, Spain | Intelligent Transport Systems, Ports and Airports, Environment and Energy Efficiency, Lighting

The Bilbao Port Authority reorganizes low voltage electrical installations and lighting of the AZ-3 dock

May 12, 2020, Sevilla, Spain | Intelligent Traffic and Tunnel Systems, Interurban Traffic, Integrated Tunnel Management, Toll Systems

The Southwestern Traffic Management Center is committed to unifying Business Intelligence tools with SIDERA to optimize traffic management

April 27, 2020, Tejada, Canarias, Spain | Environment and Energy Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, Lighting

The City Council of Tejeda improves the energy efficiency of the municipality

April 20, 2020, Huesca, España | Environment and Energy Efficiency, Hydrology and Water Resources

SICE will implement the Emergency Plan of four Ebro dams

April 13, 2020, Gandía, España | Intelligent Transport Systems, Ports and Airports

SICE will carry out the industrial and security installations of the new southern access to Gandia Port