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The Management of MOYANO TELSA SISTEMAS RADIANTES Y DE TELECOMUNICACIONES, S.A. as a company present in the activities of design, production and installation of antennas, filters, couplers, multiplexers, distributors and connectors for broadcasting, radio links and mobile telephony; design, supply and installation of metal structures, antenna supports and antenna mimicry elements, as well as, Consulting, Engineering and integration of structured cabling systems, voice and data networks, telephone switchboards, local area networks, wide area networks, maintenance of voice and data installations, the design, assembly and installation of low and high voltage electrical installations, installation, assembly and maintenance of video surveillance and CCTV systems, anti-intrusion systems, access control and control systems of presence of people and complementary security systems, has implemented the Integrated Management System according to the UNE- EN ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 standards defining the following commitments:
▪ It is appropriate to the purpose, size, context of the organization and the specific nature of the risks and opportunities of the Integrated Management System and supports its strategic direction. In addition, it will serve as a frame of reference for the establishment of objectives of the System.

  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions, committing to eliminate hazards and reduce risks. "Safety first" and the promotion of our safety culture through training programs.
  • Continuous improvement is a key factor for the continuity of the company.
  • Continuously ensure that products and services meet the expectations and needs of customers.
  • Optimize the management of technical, human, knowledge and infrastructure resources.
  • Maintain open channels of communication, training and information with its staff, with the aim of encouraging participation in the integrated management system, as well as promoting awareness, consultation and participation of all workers in issues related to the management of safety and health and the environment.
  • Involve suppliers, subcontractors and customers in our continuous improvement process and require them to comply with the Occupational Risk Prevention Law.
  • Identify new needs and market demands, in order to adapt to technological changes.
  • Develop a prevention management model aimed at the continuous improvement of working conditions to comply with the commitment to prevent damage and deterioration of the health of our workers, where the organizational structure, the definition of functions, obligations, rights, procedures and necessary resources are collected.
  • Orient the management of the company towards the minimization of waste and the prevention of environmental pollution. Training all staff and improving communication with stakeholders.
  • Promote the awareness of all the staff of the organization in the respect and responsibility towards the Environment and the Safety and Health of the workers.
  • Comply with the legislation and regulations of Quality, Environmental and Occupational Safety applicable and other requirements established by MOYANO TELSA.
  • Perform systematic audits, both internal and external, to verify compliance and effectiveness of the integrated policy.

Management will provide the necessary resources to achieve the objectives set out in this policy, and trusts that the entire Organization will understand the significance of this document and integrate it into its work style.

Torrejón de Ardoz, February 2022
                                                                        Arturo Cornejo Zahonero

                                                                             Managing Director